Graham Addison has lived in Scotland and France and now resides in Berkshire in the south of England. His first love is history, which is what he obtained my degree from Leeds University.

It is perhaps appropriate that Graham’s first booking is about an underground expedition as his dissertation was about the British coal industry after the First World War.

History may be my first love but he has spent the last thirty-five years helping create the modern world. If you love the world of mobile communications, personal computing, spreadsheets, instantly being able to search for any answer in the world and online financial transactions then Graham played a small part in its creation.  If you hate a world in which people spent all their time on their phones, can’t be bothered to remember anything because they can always look it up, you are asked to fill in yet another spreadsheet and can’t deal with an individual because you are always dealing with a computer then I am sorry, it wasn’t all his fault.